dog Christmas the pet loss centerWherever one is at in their grief journey, the holidays can be hard. Remembering a beloved pet who is no longer here can bring back a flood of emotions, especially if this is the first holiday season without a special animal.

From the joyous nature of the season to the holiday decorating process, everything screams happy. However, that might not be where a grieving pet parent finds themselves. Their heart might be heavy, full of grief and loneliness as they remember a loved one who will not be a part of this holiday.

Questions run rampant with a heavy and grieving heart. Questions such as is it acceptable to put a deceased pet’s ornament on the tree still? Hang their stocking? What is the right thing to do? Will I be shamed because of the grief I still feel?

Join Coleen and other pet lovers for the 12 Days of Pet Loss Support during the Holidays. Every business day beginning on Monday, December 5th, 2016, until Tuesday, December 20th, 2016, Coleen will be on Facebook with a Facebook Live session on a variety of activities to honor a beloved pet during the holiday season. The sessions will be aired during those days at 10 a.m. Central time. You can see the variety of topics and activities here:micoboo

  • December 5– A message from Coleen on surviving the holidays
  • December 6–  A special Holiday reading in honor of a loved pet
  • December 7– Creating a special memorial tribute
  • December 8– Hearing from others on what they do during the holidays to honor a deceased pet
  • December 9– Advice from a veterinary partner on pet loss
  • December 12– What can we do as a family to honor our beloved pet at the holidays?
  • December 13– Holiday activities for children to remember a special pet
  • December 14– A child’s simple scrapbook for their special pet
  • December 15– A candle lighting ceremony to honor the families and their pets as they face their first Holiday
  • December 16– Remembering our special pets… join with other pet lovers to publicly add your special pet to our remembrance list
  • December 19– Holiday activities for families to remember a special pet
  • December 20– In honor of Mico… Remembering her at the holidays

Whether your heart is heavy, or you have a friend or family member who is struggling with the emptiness of the holidays without a special pet. Come be with us as we, too, share in your loss and strive to bring a bit of peace to the holiday season.