I’ve been giddy with excitement for the rollout of our new look and feel for The Pet Loss Center. Not only because what we have to offer for our veterinary partners and our pet parent families is the exact resources needed for those experiencing the loss of a beloved pet but because of all of the emotion packed into these new offerings.

But, first, before we go into much more about all of that, I want to share with you some of our biggest excitement regarding The Pet Loss Center. Take a peek at our logo. I want you to really stare at it.

What did you initially see and then what did your eyes find? Maybe you found the four paw prints that joined together to form this amazing look. But look closer.

Can you see the kaleidoscope? I remember as a child looking through those fascinating gadgets with the myriad of colors, shapes and sizes that they would form with just a slight turn of the dial. A bit like the life we share with our pets, don’t you agree? They bring to our life the same myriad of colors and add a bit of that sunshine to our gray. They bring to us, many times in our darkest days, the only bright spot. And, with every passing day representative of that change in the dial, the color changes and brings to us yet another splashing douse of beauty in the love that we get form our pets.

Now look again.   Do you see a compass? So indicative of The Pet Loss Center and what we are to you. We are your compass. Your companion guide as we walk with you in your grief journey. A compass of safety in that walk together that will allow for the healing and the memories to aid you in moving to a healthy new normal of your life.

But alas memories though they fade, with just a switch of the dial, we will have those moments of vivid color as we remember the chapter of our life that was so beautifully shared together.