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EULESS, TX – Hey, we all love our pets, right? Well, it turns out Americans spend about $56 billion a year on our pets.

“They can be there through all of the good and the bad and they will still be there,” said pet owner Christine Perry.

Christine Perry knows what it’s like to spend big on her pets. You got toys, treats, and grooming, but if you think it ends there you would be dead wrong. Back in July,  her cat Harley got sick, and Perry had to make the hard choice to put Harley down.

“I’m on my phone, Googling trying to figure out what I’m going to do,” Perry said.

That’s when she came across All Paws Go to Heaven in Euless.

“We help people mourn, memorialize and pay tribute to their precious pets when they die,” Coleen Ellis with All Paws Go To Heaven said.

Yeah,  people aren’t the only ones who can get a fancy funeral.

“You know when you have such a great relationship with a pet, of course you’re going to want to memorialize that,” Perry said

The folks at All Paws say they have memorialized everything from a rat to a miniature horse. And when it comes to spending money on your pet, why not give them a send off to remember?

“If they did all those things in life, they’re going to want to do something when that pet dies to honor that pet  whether it is that memorialization piece or a ritual,” Ellis said.

Well, we hope Harley enjoyed all of his nine lives. We’re pretty sure all cats go to heaven, too.

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