Pet Heaven Memorial Park and Crematory (Pet Heaven), a Miami pet memorial services company owned by The Pet Loss Center, announced the launch of Trusted Journey, a proprietary web-based software and operational tracking system designed to provide a sophisticated level of crematory service for veterinary clinics.

Trusted Journey provides a secure chain of custody, real-time status updates to clinics and gives pet owners peace of mind in knowing that their pet’s remains are being returned to them. Trusted Journey also equips the Pet Heaven team with a secure and transparent means to prevent routing errors and improve service times.

“Our goal is to improve the overall experience for our veterinary partners, and our Trusted Journey software is one of the ways we do this,” said Nick Padlo, CEO and co-founder of The Pet Loss Center. “We believe that the better pet parents are treated in this difficult time, the higher they will regard the veterinary clinic in the future and the better they can deal with their own personal grief.”

Most pet crematories use antiquated tracking methods like manual tracking, which are prone to human error including misinterpreted handwriting or improper dispatching. Trusted Journey allows veterinary clinics to offer a much higher quality service to their customers as well as improve operational efficiency in the ordering and tracking process. By developing a seamless digital system, Pet Heaven is drastically improving reliability and providing internal checks and balances throughout the process.

“Vets in our markets tell us that Trusted Journey is just what they needed to make a difficult in-office experience a little easier,” said Coleen Ellis, Pet Loss Pioneer and co-founder of The Pet Loss Center. “Losing a pet is tough, especially with so much uncertainty around end-of-life care for pets. Trusted Journey keeps this process transparent. It’s valuable in helping veterinarian clients know that the pet is in the hands of professionals that take the responsibility of pet death care seriously.”

Trusted Journey is also available for The Pet Loss Center’s veterinary partners in the Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and San Marcos markets. The Pet Loss Center also recently acquired Floriday Pet Cremation in Melbourne, Florida. By expanding its services from Miami into northern Florida, The Pet Loss Center can better serve its veterinary partners and pet parents in the Florida market.

All of The Pet Loss Center locations provide Pet Loss and Grief Companioning classes and certification for grief counseling to equip vets with the training and tools to address pet loss within their veterinary clinic. In addition, The Pet Loss Centers offer personal counseling for vets and animal shelter employees who often experience many pet losses over the course of their careers, resulting in “caregiver burnout.”

About Pet Heaven Memorial Park and Crematory

Pet Heaven Memorial Park and Crematory (Pet Heaven) was established in 1968 as a final resting place for thousands of beloved pet companions. Located at 10901 West Flagler Street in Miami, Florida, Pet Heaven has been recognized as one of the leading pet cemeteries and crematories in the United States. Pet Heaven is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. For 24/7 emergency services, pet parents and veterinary clinics can call the Miami center at (305) 223-6515. In 2015, Pet Heaven became a facility under The Pet Loss Center brand. Founded in 2015, The Pet Loss Center offers pet memorial services including cremation, memorialization, ritual options and pet grief support to pet parents and veterinary clinics at their locations in Dallas and Austin, Texas.

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