Guide To Planning Ahead

The final decisions we make for our beloved pet can be an incredibly emotional journey. That’s why so many of us pet lovers choose to not think about this part of our life with our pet. I think we almost think if we DON’T think about it, it won’t happen. But, we all know it will.

While an emotional thought process, I can assure you, taking some time to think through all of the decisions representing the final arrangements for our pets can truly come with some peace of mind. Peace of mind in knowing that all angles were thought about, from the rituals and how the end might look (euthanasia or natural death) to the actual decisions of body care (from burial to cremation). For the pet parents who have gone through this process of Planning Ahead, the results have yielded comments such “I know I did everything the way that most fully represented our time together,” or “it was perfect!”

What are those decisions? As mentioned, depending on the situation and if you are facing a pending death or possibly you are currently hospicing your pet, maybe you are already managing this end-of-life journey with a Quality of Life scale. Many veterinarians and pet hospice professionals engage this tool to help a pet parent with the most current status of a pet’s health and quality of life, a great tool to really put some subjective and objective measures around the situation.

Next, will there be any rituals you will want during this end-of-life walk? Countless trips to McDonald’s for nuggets, steak for dinner, trips in the car, treats galore…what will be those special things be to lavish on your precious love?

From there, burial or cremation? Will you want to have a service for others to say their goodbyes? Will there be a special toy or blanket you will want to be with your pet? There are many decisions that will give you, the loving pet parent, the peace of mind in knowing you did EVERYTHING in this inevitable end-of-life walk.

To help in knowing what these decisions and ideas might look like, email for a Guide To Planning Ahead. And, always know, we are here to personally answer any question you might have in this area of end-of-life care.



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