Four Pillars

At The Pet Loss Center, we pride ourselves on operating by Excellence, Partnership, Respect, and Honor. We are truly proud to be a part of so many communities including, Austin, DFW, San Antonio, Houston and the surrounding areas, as well as Central and South Florida.

Excellence is never sacrificing quality, attending continuing education and training programs, and always doing the right thing. We believe that pet parents looking for the best standard of care for their beloved pet and pet care professionals deserve this from us.

Partnership is forming trusted relationships and supporting local animal causes. Our Visions Statement at The Pet Loss Center states that all animals receive dignity and respect in both life and death. We are here to partner with veterinary teams and pet parents as they walk their grief journey.

Respect is having humility for different belief systems. Many people do not see or treat death in the same way, and we are here to guide them, and help pay tribute to their love. We believe in practicing the Golden Rule, treating others the way we would like to be treated. Having reverence for pets in words and actions, along with patience and compassion for those that are experiencing possibly the worst day of their life.

Honor is providing a warm and caring environment to celebrate a loved one’s story, and giving pet parents the permission to mourn, memorialize, and pay tribute to their precious pets. From the families that make their way into our Centers, to the daily meetings our Field Care teams have in clinics, it is an honor to be a part of the end-of-life walk.

These Four Pillars are the hallmark of what The Pet Loss Center stands for. Thank you for trusting and allowing us to walk with you through some of your darkest days.



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