Spring Tilling

Ah… The beauty of spring. For some of us, it’s coming a bit early this year; for others, you’re still wading through the gifts of Mother Nature with your winter. Here in Texas, this was a beautiful weekend to get in the garden, get the beds ready for flowers, vegetables and herbs, and to reconnect yet again with the beauty of the earth.

Ah, yes. There’s nothing like some dirt in the nails and the smell of fresh tilled soil to bring about the feelings of freshness and rejuvenation.

As I was making my way around the gardens and beds, I periodically stopped and smiled. Throughout my yard, I’ve had some fun in placing rocks, statues and animal-themed whimsical outdoor décor, making it tough for even the most unobservant person to not notice my love for animals! There’s St. Francis, guarding the entire yard from the back corner. There’s a silly statue of a dog that has always sat guard over the flowers and area known as Mico’s Garden. Near Mico’s Garden is a gray flagstone marker with Mike The Dog’s name on it, rounding out our Memorial Garden and honoring those loves who have once been a part of our home.

There are other rocks, too. I just love decorating with these amazing personalized pieces. For instance, there’s Rudy Poo’s rock, strategically placed right where that crazy, silly cat likes to sit and watch the birds! It’s not like he needs his parking spot personalized but it just makes me smile to see it sitting there, almost as a warning to the birds that might perch in the tree above. Ellie’s rock is near the tree where she chases the squirrels.

And, Crisco’s rock, well he’s got rocks everywhere. It’s just one more way to mark the entire yard as his!

Have some fun in your yard and garden beds as well! You can see more of our rocks HERE.



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