Pug’s Service

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“She loved the sunshine,” he said.

“Remember when we stopped at the front counter of Neiman-Marcus where she rolled over and was indulged with tummy rubs by the staff?” she said.

We all laughed. There were tears and more stories. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful memorial service for someone so loved.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun shined brightly. I could tell by just looking at her face she shined for those who loved her.

Gabrielle spotted this little creature almost 9 years ago while participating at a local shelter for summer camp. She couldn’t get that face out of her mind and soon drug her Mom to see what had captivated her. It was the face of a dog, one who had been put into a shelter at the elderly dog-age of 10 years old. For almost a decade, Pug, as she came to be called, rocked this family’s world!

It was 9 years of an unconditional love that went both ways. Pug loved them and in return they spoiled her with a stroller, a special harness, lavish beds, loads of car rides, and her very own car seat. Yes, they loved her with all of their hearts.

As I stood at Pug’s service, my heart was full of love and humility for this family. Here was this dog who someone felt unworthy and left at a shelter, and the family that saved her. A family who looked beyond her age and saw a beautiful, sweet, happy, loving, and gentle soul, who had the ability to melt their hearts almost instantly. A family who gave everything from the minute of adopting her, to their journey through hospice, and then to today’s wonderful memorial service.

As I stared at her casket full of beautiful flowers, a rosary, a St. Francis medal, a harness, heartwarming photos, and a handwritten letter, my heart was full. I was humbled as I watched this family grieve and honor a little dog whose only job was to love.

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