The “Green” Side of Memorialization

Many pet parents remember the countless hours spent outside with their beloved pet. From tearing up the plants in the garden, to romping through the grasses of their local dog park, animals and nature just seem to go together!

To some pet parents, returning their beloved pet companion to the nature they loved is organic and natural. Some people find that scattering the ashes of their loved one and letting them permanently reside outdoors, where they loved to be, is incredibly fitting and fulfills today’s green philosophy.

Contrary to popular belief, cremated remains are a stable product and will not naturally breakdown in soil. Due to their extremely high pH and sodium levels, ashes are detrimental to plant growth. At The Pet Loss Center, we always want to honor family’s wishes regarding the final resting place for their pet’s ashes; therefore, we have found a way to assist with an environmentally healthy scattering process.

Let Your Love Grow is an organic mixture that was developed to break down bone fragments, allowing the release of natural agricultural nutrients safely into the environment. This product is comprised of a special blend of organic matter with very high levels of safe bacteria and microorganisms to lower the pH and allow for efficient nutrient availability for plants. In mixing the Let Your Love Grow product with ashes, a healthy matter will be created, resulting in a product that is very good and extremely healthy for the ground.

As we always say, our animals give so much to us. Honoring a pet, or your entire family of pets, by creating a beautiful scattering area in your garden is the PERFECT way to give this beauty back. From taking such loving care of a precious pet, to also taking care of what Mother Nature gave us… what a beautiful way to celebrate life.

You can see more on the Let Your Love Grow product HERE.



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