Through the Eyes of a Future Vet Tech

Ah… what an amazing day! Today, The Pet Loss Center hosted a group of future vet tech students for a tour of our Center in McKinney, Texas. A group of amazing budding professionals, anxious to join others employed with the mission of working with pets and those that love them. Wow! What a day it was to share with these students the one thing about pet ownership every pet parent will face: the death of these precious beloved pets.

It was great education because it is the one silent part of pet ownership so many people don’t ask about. As a vested pet parent, it’s important to understand what goes on after a pet has passed and the death-care process their beloved pet will be a part of. Every pet parent should ask their clinic and staff what they know about the company that assists the clinic with the final arrangements of their client’s pets.

Questions to ask the clinic about the company they use should be questions that would be important to a pet parent. Questions like:

  • How are the pets transported to the cremation or burial facility?
  • What other options are available at this facility?
    • Is there an opportunity for a visitation and final good-bye?
    • Is there an opportunity to witness the cremation of the pet, if so desired?
    • Is there any opportunity to have a funeral service at this facility?
  • Are there other permanent memorial options available?
  • What credentialing has the staff at the pet loss facility achieved?
    • Are they a Certified Pet Loss Professional?
    • Are they Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Certified?
    • Have their crematory operators been certified?

But, I digress… again, an amazing day with these prospective vet tech students! Congratulations to all of them on this amazing journey they have started! And as a prospective future client for any of them, thank you for committing yourself to the loving care of these incredible creatures!  Godspeed to all of you!

For more questions that should be asked to your veterinary clinic, click HERE.
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