Be more than an employee! We are!

Maybe it’s just us, but at The Pet Loss Center we take pride in what we do and the ability to educate others! In our eyes, every employee wants to be more than just an employee. We assume each employee wants to be the best professional they can be in their chosen field, especially in the case of veterinarians and vet techs who are working with pet parents experiencing the death of beloved pets.IMG_2361

It has been an exciting few weeks of training and educating around the country. It is an honor to share what we know with others so that they, too, can be the best. In particular, our area of expertise, sharing what we know grieving pet parents want when their beloved pet dies.

Our journey started at The Ohio State University with a group of prospective veterinarians. Ah! How thrilling it was to see what’s about to hit clinics around the country. They’re definitely impressive! What was the most exciting was addressing the OSU’s Human-Animal Bond club and talking about the bond between a companion and their people AFTER death. So many people think about the bond when the pet’s alive, but that strong bond surely continues after the death as well.

Next we travelled to Tampa, Florida, for the Florida Veterinary Medical Center conference. What a delightful time letting people know about us and the services we have for their pet parents as well as their veterinary staff! Too numerous to mention here, but we were there! Telling the story!

IMG_2363At the same time, we deployed some of our team to the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance conference in New Orleans. These few days were spent with our own colleagues, those in death care services around the country. Not only did we, as The Pet Loss Center, get an opportunity to speak to this group regarding business philosophies and skills, we participated in every one of the sessions offered about how to be THE best pet loss service in the country.

Let the learning continue! For in the face of humility, there is always something we can learn to be better and on our way to the best! After all, it’s a journey, not a destination, and you as our veterinary partners and pet parent deserve the best!




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