Written by Stephanie Di Traglia

image2This week I celebrated the arrival of summer with much needed reflection and care in my humble garden. Always by my side, my soul pup Ruby delights in basking in the sunlight. It occurs to me that all my milestones can be measured in my journey with her.  As a new adult, moving into my first home, one of my first declarations of independence was the adoption of a sweet, goofy six-month old puppy who, like her new mom, had never lived in her own home either.

I am one of those out loud and proud dog moms, like so many of us, cherishing my fur babies as my own children. We’ve grown up together, and my memories are most often recalled with“remember when we took our first road trip and Ruby decided to take an adventure of her own” or accepting one of my first jobs at a dog resort so she could have unlimited access to the bone shaped pool. Her birthday is always celebrated with as much flair and fanfare as my own, if not more so- with everything from pupcakes to party hats for all the human and furry friends alike! The ring bearer at my wedding, and the always listening, comforting presence after a trying day, our pets provide us with the unconditional love and care that we often cannot find elsewhere.

Ruby catches my eye, with her hanging smile and wagging tail and I realize another important milestone. She is officially entering the “senior sweetheart” stage, graying much more gracefully than her human counterparts. We will embrace this next chapter together, celebrating golden years and I am pawsitive that through trials and tribulations, victories and celebrations, we will journey together …and every September there will be pupcakes and party hats for all.