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By Coleen Ellis

In life, and in death, Pet Parents want human services for their pet “kids!”. This is just another area pet parents are saying “pets are family, too!” 
A while ago, The Wall Street Journal had a fabulous article reporting on yet another trend in the pet industry – pets in weddings!

Most recently, at a wedding ceremony in Los Angeles, poodle mixes Lily and Luna walked down the aisle sporting pearl-white leather leashes and hand-crafted floral collars.
 A wrought-iron feeder and stainless-steel water bowls awaited them at the reception, before the dogs capped off the night at a pet-friendly hotel.
 “They are family,” says the bride-to-be Sarah Royer, who shares ownership of the pooches with her fiancé, Jonas Koester. “They have to be in the wedding.”

Per the Wall Street Journal, even couples who invest in lavish weddings are incorporating pets into their nuptials. Increasingly, man´s best friend is sometimes also man´s best man-if not a ring bearer, flower girl, or simply a member of the wedding party. 
To meet this growing demand, wedding planners, niche retailers, and other businesses are offering services and products geared toward helping pets fulfill their special roles.

Once a shocking request, wedding planner Preston Bailey says incorporating pet companions into ceremonies has become an accepted practice. Having the pets in the wedding party brings in the personality of the bride and groom.

Over the last several years, it´s clear pet parents are more and more interested in treating their four-legged “kids” like true members of the family. It is a clear indication that pet parents are searching for all types of services to help treat these four-legged kids like any other family member.
 In life and in death.