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13892150_10154290193424019_3294265154136736204_nBy Coleen Ellis


At The Pet Loss Center, we are truly birds of a feather that flock together. Our beliefs align. It was so heartwarming to hear one of our newest team members in Florida, John, share his personal mission statement: “To do the most good for those in most need.”

We all believe that we have a responsibility to do what we can for our other fellow human beings, with humility and grace, knowing that every one of our actions are a part of a much larger picture within the universe.

For every one of us, we have a “why” attached to actions we feel we are advocates for, or even for those hobbies or philanthropic activities we believe in. We have our “why” of what will possibly be our legacy after our time on this big blue marble is done.

I have my “why” for the work that I do. I founded the first pet funeral home in the country because of this “why” and now continue that “why” in this much larger mission we are now on with The Pet Loss Center. That “why” is because of a beautiful little dog named Mico. Every day, I work with beloved pets because of her. Every day I work with loving pet parents because of me, remembering that day I was in their shoes with losing a precious pet that rocked my world.

This past week was very exciting for me. I have made a decision to support a new college at my alma mater, Fort Hays State University, the College of Business and Entrepreneurial studies.  The first students will report to the Dane G. Hansen Scholarship Hall in a few weeks to begin a program where they will create their own businesses and learn the skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. As I participated in the press conference for this exciting new program, I told everyone in attendance the true excitement is hearing what every budding entrepreneur’s “why” is as those of us selected as teachers, educators, mentors, and coaches will help round out the “what’s” and the “how’s.” I want to hear the passion that will drive every one of those entrepreneurs!

Yes, Mico will forever remind every one of those student’s the “why” should always be front and center as the passion for the work done daily.  With naming rights to a sleeping room in the Scholarship Hall, I chose “Mico’s reTreat.”

I’d love to share the story with you…. You can read more HERE.



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