My Dearest MicoMy Dearest Mico,

Happy Valentine’s Day, my precious little girl. I just wanted to take a moment to send to you my love, and let you know how much I miss you.

While everyone around, including me, is taking this time to show and tell people (and for me Rudy, Crisco, Ellie, and Harry!) how much they are loved, I also remember you and a love lost. Every day I miss you, and I believe I love you even more as the time passes. Even though it’s scary to me that the details of our time together is becoming cloudier and more distant, I think that the time is also making you even more perfect!  (Oh, trust me, I remember the toys chewed up, the times you slipped out of the house, and remember the seam ripper you chewed the plastic on? I still use that!)  But, none the less, you represented a chapter of my life that was exciting and an adventure as we started off my adult life together. A time that was filled with changes, filled with growth, and you were there all along the way. I look back on that chapter with such sweet memories of you and your funny little ways. You were only eight pounds, but eight hundred pounds of personality!

So I wanted to take today, this week, and formally let you know how much I love you. How much I miss you. And, to take this day of penning a note to you that will remind me it truly was real.

And, perfect.

I love you, Mico. RIP.