Creating the Perfect Sentiment on the Perfect Memorial

By Coleen Ellis

He was a spoiled rotten dog. Even with all of the good-dog training schools and attempts at instilling manners, he was still a spirited and rambunctious dog. Even at his old age, he was still keeping the family on their toes with his antics.  I can still see every member of this family and their faces as they remembered in their own way this dog’s life. From smiles, to fake acts of frustration, they remembered!

I love hearing stories like this! With every recounting of an event and happening, these precious little animals become more and more colorful in their life, and vivid in a family’s memories.

Therefore, when it comes time to create special memorial tributes, it’s so important to make sure these memories are captured and made a part of a permanent memorialization piece. So many people are pre-wired to do what they have always seen on memorialization pieces, such as markers and monuments in cemeteries: name, date of birth, date of death, and maybe some standard sentiment of love such as “forever in our hearts.”

However, each of our pets have created a legacy in our world. A legacy of what they will be remembered for, whether it’s their attitude, spirit, or actions. I ask this question, appearing spontaneous in my delivery when talking to a family about a beloved pet, “if you had to describe your pet and what you will truly remember about him, what would that be?” Oh. My. Gosh!  The sentiments!

When you think about your beloved pet, instead of documenting the facts, document your feelings. Here’s some very cool things I’ve guided families to record on their urns, rocks, blankets and many more memorialization pieces:

“Chasing Frisbees and Hearts in Heaven.”

“Still Finding Sox In Heaven.”

“My Little Peter Pan Mixed with Dennis the Menace.”

“My Big ‘Ole Butthead.”

You’re like me right now…. You’re smiling. You can almost imagine the beautiful little spirits behind each of these sayings!


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