urn jarBy Stephanie Di Traglia

Here at The Pet Loss Center, it is our honor to hear the beautiful stories of the lives shared between pet families and their most special companions. Often, one may think of only dogs and cats, but we have Honored the Journey of many different types of companion animals, from fur babies to feathered friends. Recently, at our Melbourne Center it was our privilege to serve and honor the life of Abner the pig.

Grief is what we feel on the inside, and mourning is the public showing of that grief. Our first step is to give pet parents and families the permission to mourn- to actively display their grief in safe, supported spaces. Active mourning and participation in rituals and activities to express that grief is essential for those walking along their healing journey. While there are endless ways to celebrate a life shared, one that Abner’s family shared with us was a touching tribute video.

urn memoryTribute videos are a wonderful way to say a loving goodbye. It is a project that can be done by one, or as many family members as desired. An opportunity to collect and put together all the favorite photos, quotes and video clips of that special baby. Sharing in those memories as the video plays a beautiful reflection of the life shared. A video can be kept private, or shared with others who may also want to pay their respects, or share their memories of that precious pet. A grieving heart that is given permission to embark on this mourning and healing journey can take part in whatever activity is necessary to mend their grief. Some activities may include, taking that familiar walk, planting flower seeds, or creating photo or video tributes. The options are many, and are unique to each beautiful relationship and life honored.

At The Pet Loss Center, we are always here to support the families we serve and assist in those rituals and activities however we can. From our memorial wall on our website, to our active social pages, we encourage you to share your own stories, photos and videos with us.

Click HERE to watch a beautiful memorial video for Abner.