By Coleen Ellis

It seems like yesterday, but it’s been almost 14 years. As long as I had you, is as long as you’ve been gone. It just doesn’t seem possible.

remembering micoI remember the day I saw you in the shelter. Even though you were only about 2 pounds, you were barking with a vengeance of a Rottie! I could tell you were going to be a spitfire, which proved to be a complete understatement. On that random Sunday in May, 2003, and in a spontaneous moment, I scooped you up without even a foreshadowing of how you would completely rock my world.

Everything I did centered on you. If we traveled, you came along, or you were a guest in some lucky person’s home. I boarded you one time and about lost my mind, so that was the first and last time that happened! We always found someone to take care of you if we were away. What a do remember is how many people adopted dogs after they watched you, as you were such a personality! Everyone wanted one “just like you!” I would just beam when they would say that to me! Beam because I was proud, and because you were all mine.

I know every other loving pet parent feels like I do about their special love. All of our special loves were “the best ever!” The best dog ever. The best cat ever. And, I believe that’s true for all of us. You WERE the best, however, you were the best for me! (And, don’t for a minute think I’ve forgotten about how bad you were as a puppy, and the times you would slip out the door to have your own adventure! GR! I’ve forgiven you though!!!)

So, here I sit, 14 years later and this year what seems most close in my mind is that day in May, 1989. I’m still fascinated as to how that random event, that spontaneous moment, became THE event that now defines me.

This year, on the 14th anniversary date of your death, I love focusing on your life, your spirit, and how you became my “why.” I miss you and will forever love you, Mico.

As I say every year, thank you for helping me, help them.

RIP, Baby Girl. RIP.