By Coleen Ellis

If you’re taking the time to read this, then I’m going to assume you are one of the “good pet parents.” You know what you look like…. you do all you can for your precious pet(s). Good food, good health care, supplements, only the best treats, a good comfy bed, play time, toys galore. Yes, you know the look!  (Raised hand from myself in saying “yep, that’s me!”)

Every day we, and I, have the honor of assisting caring pet parents with the one thing that is inevitable in loving a pet, the death of that beautiful being. Trust me, it’s something that none of us like to think of, nor be a part of, but obviously it’s a part of life.

Throughout the lifetime care of a pet, I’m like you, we take the time to research a variety of elements of care for our pets. How to read a food bag, proper dental care, reviews on boarding facilities, and so much more is now at our fingertips to make sure we are making decisions that are best for our pets and our lifestyle. As a good, loving pet parent, there’s one other area that also needs to be researched, a pet’s final arrangements.

Don’t throw the book at me, or stop reading this piece. As I have already said, I hate this part of loving a pet, too. But I can hate it all day long, and it’s still going to happen.

There’s one thing I do know, and I’m going to throw this out there to you. I, personally, want to be as prepared for my pet’s end-of-life arrangements as I have been for every other part of their life. And, I want that for every loving pet owner, as it eliminates so much guilt after a pet’s death. Guilt with saying “I wish I would’ve known,” “I wish I would’ve done,” “or why didn’t I do that?” I know that in researching and making decisions helps me and my heart to know I’ve done all I can, and I’ve gathered all of the information needed, to make a well-educated and good decision. I’ve done that for them ALL OF THEIR LIFE, they deserve the same research for their final arrangements.

I’m going to leave my message at that, even though there are so many questions I want to guide you on, and so many resources I want to make you aware of. If you want to see the questions you need to be prepared for, GO HERE. If you want to talk to me about what your options might be, email me at

We’re here for you. Please let us help you with this part of life.