meat ballWhen I see a skateboard, I see a dog named Meatball and a family with one final request.

What’s your pet’s favorite toy? Does she carry her worn, purple stuffed elephant from room to room? Does he take his rope toy with him on all his walks? Or maybe it’s the blanket that followed him home from the shelter that he must sleep with every night. Just like people, many pets have a special, favorite possession that bring them joy and help paint a representative picture of their style, spirit and personality. Recently at our Tampa Center we were honored to serve the Russo family when a gorgeous little brindle English Bulldog named Meatball came into our care. For Meatball, her family shared, that special piece in her life, her favorite thing on earth, was her skateboard. Everywhere she adventured, so too her skateboard followed. So, it only made sense that her skateboard should accompany Meatball on her final journey. The Russo family requested that Meatball be cremated with a piece of her skateboard, and of course it was our honor and privilege to oblige! You may wonder if this was a strange or unusual request for us, but let me tell you it was not at all! Many of us have a special item or trinket that we wish to keep with us at the end. For pet parents, it’s the peace and comfort to know that their pet’s prized possession will stay with them. Giving permission to families with these requests, is just one way we ensure that every family receives a perfect ending to the beautiful chapter shared with their beloved pet. So, whether it’s the opportunity say goodbye in a peaceful visiting room, eating their favorite chicken nuggets, or sending their favorite skateboard with them so they call roll around the rainbow bridge, these requests will be honored. It’s what each family deserves and most importantly what Meatball deserved.