By Coleen Ellis

I know it sounds silly when I say I love National Pet Memorial Day. After all, it is a day set aside to remember all of the special pet loves who have rocked my world. Blackie, Buddy, Snobal, Tiger, Harvey, Sparky, Frisky 1, Frisky 2, Frisky 3, Frisky 4 (we weren’t very creative in cat names when my brothers and I were young), Mike The Dog, and Mico. They all had such meaning to me with their own chapters in my book of life, and brought such love during their own respective times in my life.

They were the ones who taught me about pet love. I find it fascinating that many times a random, spontaneous move of adopting, or finding, a pet has an absolute life-time effect. After all, who doesn’t remember their first pet? Blackie served that role for my family, and to this day we still remember her so fondly. Crazy that she was a part of our world at a time when pet nutrition, elevated veterinary care, toys, grooming and all of tha

t did not exist. She ate what we ate, rarely went to the vet, and was professionally groomed only in her final years of life as she scored the life of a senior and wintered in Phoenix with a great aunt and uncle who shared her with us. And, with all of that, she still lived to an amazing 18 years-old.

So on National Pet Memorial Day, a day meant for them and for me, I want to remember all of them, to honor them and to thank them for what they brought to my life. The love, the lessons, and the memories. I owe so much to them!

I want you to join us, on National Pet Memorial Day, to remember your pet loves. Who do you want us to honor in a special National Pet Memorial Day video? Let us know as we create the perfect remembrance in their honor. Email the names you want included, and then join us.

After all, we owe them so much. See you on September 10th.