It’s Their Day! Let’s Honor Them!

By Coleen Ellis

Sunday is National Pet Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor those precious little fur loves who have been a part of our life story. A beautiful little creature who shared a chapter of our life, and in their life crawled into our heart and with their death crushed our being.

A day to say thank you. A day to possibly say I’m sorry, again. A day to remember all they taught us about life, and unconditional love.

A day to remind everyone of us who’s been changed because of the love of an animal that it was all real.

At The Pet Loss Center, we know all too well the love, and subsequent loss, of an animal. We don’t question “why” you loved that smelly, grumpy old cat or that obnoxious lump of a dog. We don’t even question the love of a bird, snake, rabbit, or iguana. If you loved it, we honor that love, we respect that love. We don’t shame nor ask for justification.

After all, that’s the beauty of the love of an animal. The love shared is so pure, so real, and so many times, it just can’t be explained. Yes, that’s the most fabulous part of it all. Honestly, it’s not like these little animals have come to us with a career path, the ability to solve any of the world’s problems, or to even graduate from school. Nope. Their only reason to be here is to love us.

And, they do it with a vengeance.

So, National Pet Memorial Day is for them. Join us, let’s honor them. Let’s pay tribute to a love shared, a life shared. They gave us so much. Let’s give back. Send the names of the pets you want to remember to by 5 P.M. today, and we’ll include them in a special ceremony to be shared with the world through our Facebook page on Sunday.

We’ll see you on Sunday. Let’s come together as a community of pet lovers, to say thank you. And, to remind ourselves it was real.

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