Honoring A Hero

By Coleen Ellis

At the right time, the sun came out, as if God had wanted that warmth to shine down on those who needed it, especially Officer Robert Ramos, his wife, Jessica, and their beautiful son, “Little Man.” The afternoon was filled with tears, a few laughs, and a lot of love. K9 Officer Dega had given all she had to the Round Rock Police Department, and it was time to say “thank you” and honor her for all she meant and all she did.

I know I was not alone in how I felt as the memories were shared, and the tears flowed. It was so easy to cry right along with the Round Rock Police Department and every one of the attendees to K9 Dega’s Memorial Service. Here was the beautiful black Labrador with a job of keeping the members of her community safe. She accepted that job and performed her duties flawlessly. Those who shared their memories, recounted how many times Officer Ramos had to stop Dega from working, as she loved working so much!  Officer Ramos also shared that for her, it was the pride in knowing she pleased him. Others remembered Dega, sweaty from her work, drooling, slobbering, and smiling, with a tennis ball in her mouth, pleased with herself that she’d done well.

As Officer Ramos took the podium to share his memories of Dega, my tears started as he immediately became choked up. His memories started with “Dega was my partner. My friend. My buddy….” We all had a lump in our throat as he gathered his strength to go on. “Of everyone in my world, I spent more time with Dega than anyone. We worked together and we lived together.”

RIP, Dega. You did your job in protecting all of us. And, with that smiling, drooling face, we will all be forever grateful to you for your service, and for your unconditional love. Run free, with sleep well-deserved.

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