Written by: Coleen Ellis

Many people are still holding onto their New Year’s resolutions with the vision of a healthy year still a reality. Three weeks into the year and we’re off and running on our “New Year/New You” 2018.

While sharing with others the new healthy us is key to making movement in our journey, for many people doing self-help reading along the way is part of the new year’s tasks. And, as the grief we feel in the death of a loved pet will always be a part of our being, having friends to support along the way as well as hearing from others who have been there makes a wonderful combination in the journey of well-being.

Consider adding these wonderful reading resources to your new year’s plans for a new year, new you:

Cat Heaven/Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant

While this book is wonderful for children, this read is good for the kid in all of us. A beautiful innocent piece that talks about where our pets go and what the after-life of heaven looks like for all of them. This publication keeps the topic of death in perspective as the piece is written for children, however, I like it for every age as it gives all of us permission to look at our pets and death with a different lens.

When Your Pet Dies: A Guide to Mourning, Remembering, and Healing by Dr. Alan Wolfelt

While this book is a quick read, the information presented is easy to digest and create a work plan, the mourning work needed to make movement in the grief journey. Dr. Wolfelt shares information on the grief process and then follows each chapter with some reflective thoughts and opportunities to honor and pay tribute to a pet love.

Pet Parents: A Journey Through Unconditional Love & Grief by Coleen Ellis

I put my heart and soul into penning this publication. I shared my heart on the topic of pet loss, as well as sharing with the reader families I’ve had the honor of walking with in their journeys. Following each shared story, I share my thoughts in working with that family as well as ideas for the reader to honor their pet love.

Here’s to the healthy you this year. We’re here to walk with you, as we always area.