Written by Coleen Ellis

We’ve all got that story. The one about how a dog, cat, lizard, bird or any other pet has changed our life. Whether we are a new pet parent, or a person who’s had pets all of their life, the effect these animals have on our life is for forever.

They come with names like Buddy, Blackie, Sasha, or Sammy. They come in all shapes, sizes, breeds, and colors. They come with issues, or with attitudes. They come with personalities and spirits. They come with unconditional love and ready to teach or enhance life’s lessons.

For some, they come into our world after a crappy start on life. From possible abuse or neglect, their innocence as a loving animal many times challenged and broken. But yet, they come into our loving arms eager to trust again (hopefully), appreciative of the loving home they are now a part of.

Harry’s his name. He was running the streets of Rozel, my hometown in Western Kansas. We believe we’ve found his backstory, but that really didn’t matter for the go-forward for him and for me. Absolutely confusing to me is how someone could not love and care for him in the way he deserved because of his sweet, sweet spirit and disposition. But, actually it didn’t matter. He was supposed to be with me, and that start is what eventually led him to me, making me the winner-winner-chicken-dinner! He’s mine, all mine.

He gets whatever he wants, as it’s my way of helping him to make up for lost time. However, this I know. When he dies, his death will rock me more with guilt than maybe another. Guilt that he didn’t have an entire life of love and spoiling. I’ll always wonder if I did enough to make up time for him. And, again, this I know. I will give him EVERYTHING he wants as it certainly makes me feel better!

I’m sure there are others that completely resonate with these sentiments. I’m anxious to hear who’s rocked your story….