Written by Coleen Ellis

Every day we hear from pet parents who say “I wish I would’ve known.”

They wish they would have known the important questions to ask when making their pets final cremation arrangements.

Trust me, we don’t like thinking about our precious pet’s death either. The whole thought of it just sucks! However, what sucks even more is when decisions are being made with only half of the information. Throughout the life of our beautiful pet, we’ve done everything to be a good pet parent. We’ve researched food, we’ve researched ailments, and we’ve researched treatment plans.

One of our largest responsibilities that we all absolutely dread is their final arrangements. While we have compiled all of the pertinent questions you need to ask the pet death care operation assisting you here, here are some of the most important:

  • How will your pet’s body be treated?
  • If your veterinarian is assisting with the arrangements, how will your pet’s body be held?
  • How long will your pet’s body be at the clinic waiting on the crematory to arrive?
  • What is the turnaround time to get your pet’s ashes back?
  • If you are wanting to have your pet’s ashes back, ask for a private cremation.
    • A private cremation is where only your pet is in the cremation machine. NO other pet will be in the machine which will result in a commingling of ashes. The proper term for this is “private” cremation. If the crematory uses any other word such as individual or segregated, ask for clarification on what that word means for their process.

Again check out that link. You will see a comprehensive list of all of the questions you need to ask. We have such a mission at The Pet Loss Center to make sure every pet parent is getting the information they need to make the best decision for them and for their pet.

We’re here too. Call us if you have more questions.