Your Rights as a Loving Pet Parent

By Coleen Ellis

It’s certainly a difficult subject to think about, knowing all of the details for the end-of-life care for our beloved pets. Yet it’s another element of the responsibility we have to ensure the type of care they deserve. We did it for their life care, it’s our responsibility for their death care as well.

It breaks my heart when I see news stories like the one attached here. Even though this is a one-sided story and I have no idea what the pet crematory who took care of this precious baby actually did, this is what was reported. (And it would be only fair to know the other side to fully speak to this. My role here is to educate you so you have the right questions to ask in this process.)

Now, let’s get real for a bit… this whole concept of pet cremation and the details of the process is an education that few people will seek out. And justifiably so. I get that. However, there are logical explanations for much of this process.

But, even outside of the details of the process, there are certain questions that every pet parent should ask about the end-of-life care for their pet. And, I might even throw out there that every pet parent should visit and interview those who will be handling the end-of-life care for their beloved. We meet with the funeral home handling our human loved ones; why is that so far-fetched to do for our pets?

Here are a list of questions to ask during the due diligence process:

  • How will you take my pet into your care?
  • How long will they be with you before they are cremated?
  • Can I witness the cremation?
  • How will you hold their body until the cremation is performed?
  • What is your chain of custody system to ensure the safety of their body?
  • Is the cremation private or partitioned? In other words, is it my pet’s body only in the cremation machine, or will there be other pets?
  • How will I receive their ashes back?

These should get you started. If you need additional questions and guidance, we’re always here for you.

We signed up to take care of them in life. And in death. Let us help you….

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