Today I Remember

By Coleen Ellis

For me, it was a random day when I picked it in 1989. March 19th. It was actually another random day in May when I got her at the Humane Society, after someone abandoned her on the shelter’s doorstep in a box. A little back-figuring and somehow I landed on March 19th.

As with so many of our beloved little mutts, there was no birth certificate that formally captured the exact date she was born. And, to this day, I have no idea how I picked March 19th. But, alas, that’s the date I picked that would forever be HER day! It’s the day I celebrate her “birthday” and the day I believe God said to the universe “there’s a special mommy out there for you, little one. And, when you become a part of her world, you will totally impact her and her life journey. You, my little scruffy mutt who will soon be named Mico, will become your Mommy’s “why” in the work which will drive her total being and become her legacy!” Quite the tall order for a little thing who never topped 10 pounds throughout her whole life!

So for today, I celebrate her and her being. I celebrate she was in my world, and that she rocked it in life and is guiding me in her death. I look at her pictures and smile when I see those ears, those eyes, that “smile.” She loved the world around her, but she was in love with me, her Mommy.

Again, I celebrate her. Occasionally a tear makes its way to my eyes for her. But, for today, I celebrate her, and I cherish the memories when I remember it was all so real. As surreal as it seems, it was all incredibly real! So for today, I will be kind to myself and allow myself the permission to cry, as I remember her love. I will also give myself permission to laugh, as I remember her spirit. For today, I will give myself permission to… just remember and be, for her!

Mommy will love you forever, Baby Girl. RIP, my precious Mico.

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