By The Pet Loss Center Team

On this #NationalPetDay, we’re going to do something a little different. Today we’re going to celebrate The Pet Loss Center teams little loves and get to know them a little better. Here are some of the amazing animals that love us unconditionally, bring happiness to our lives, and have forever changed us.

Bruno Diaz - The pet loss center - national pet day

Bruno Diaz

“This big boy was found on the side of the highway at 6 weeks old. He had heart worms, intestinal worms and lots of fleas. He is now 70 lbs and super healthy. His name is Bruno Diaz (which is the name used in the Spanish language comic books for Bruce Wayne). His favorite activities is barking like he’s huge and mean, but then being frightened of everything. He also enjoys licking everyone’s food and snuggling like the little spoon. Bruno is 3 years old.”

The pet loss center - national pet day

Sir Wendell Scott III

“This precious little long haired chi is Sir Wendell Scott III. I don’t know why that’s his name, it just is… it just came to me. He was removed from a hoarder’s home by authorities. He was scarily thin, had a cherry eye infection, intestinal parasites, and had not been neutered when we got him, he was 5 years old. He is now 11 lbs of pure fluffy love. He grunts often and loves ice cream and being carried around. He is the love of my life. He is 9 years old.”

The pet loss center - national pet day


“Annie was found frolicking in the fields of Contra Costa County California in 2011. She was brought in by a good Samaritan to the veterinary hospital I worked at. She was Full of stickers, very skinny , very very dirty and had no microchip. I didn’t see her come in that day but everyone at the vet let me know as soon as I came into the ofc. They said, “ooooh April- we have a girlfriend for Oliver (my other dog I had also got from the vet 5 years prior). “You have to see her. She’s going going to be an amazing fit for your family!” I really didn’t want another dog, so I just continued with life… Days passed and OF COURSE a day that i opened the facility….. I snuck to the isolation room. I peeked down at her cage and she just Glowed with excitement. Those dark brown eyes Pierced my heart. On her cage it said orphan Annie. I opened the cage and she leaped in my arms. That is the day our love started and I took her home. She is where she belongs, and keeps ALL of the animals on their toes at home. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

The pet loss center - national pet day


“Bristow was found in a garbage can at bristow middle school in Brentwood by a DARE officer. As the officer dropped her own daughter off to school she heard some meowing coming from the can. It was new born kittens. Literally a bag of them. Their umbilical cords were still soft and wet from the delivery and some horrible person decided to bag them up in a plastic bag and throw them away. She brought them to us and I was the sucker that took all 6 home. I bottle fed them and got homes for the ones that survived. But I did keep one, and today he’s a 14 year old hunk!!