By Coleen Ellis

Does it seem like there’s a “day” for everything? National Take Your Dog to Work Day. National Dress Your Dog Up, Ask Your Cat a Question Day, Hug Your Cat Day, and SO many more days set aside for… well… stuff.

So, November 1st was National Cook for Your Pet Day. As an avid chef for my own pooches and pussycat, I’m in full agreement with this concept. Not that I need a full day to celebrate it, or do it, but it is funny. Heck, cooking for this crowd is not only a ritual at our house, it’s work. But it’s work that I like to do, and I want to do. One day over a weekend, the kitchen will become a hot mess to prep their meals for the following week, all packaged and frozen so it’s easy for the nanny (that’s a whole different blog for us!) to heat and feed.

I just read an article regarding the designation of November 1st for this concept. (I’m still not sure as to the intent of setting aside a day for this… to be mindful about the process, to research the process, to make a change in an existing food regime and move from kibble to cooked. I don’t get it, but what the heck difference does that make. It’s a fun day to talk about, if nothing else!) Anyway, in this article, the writer blasts pet owners, a bit for wanting to partake in this activity of cooking for our loved pets, but more so blasts pet lovers for how we feel about these beautiful creatures.

He actually states that the more we love animals, we become less human. I do want him to have, and own, his personal thoughts on this subject. However, when I hear things like this, my first instinct is “who cares. Let people believe and do what they want to do, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.” We have such an atmosphere in our world right now that everyone feels compelled to express their opinions and to take shots at those who view things differently. Why? Why? Why?

As for the statement about in loving animals, we become less human. I can only tell you that I strive to be like my animals. To love unconditionally, to forgive so quickly, to live in the moment… my opinion (doesn’t need to be your opinion, it’s just mine), our animals are truly God-like in their behavior and spirits.

So not only will I celebrate National Cook for Your Pets Day, I will indulge! I love knowing in my own heart I did all I could to take care of my pets in the manner that’s right for me. I don’t care how others feel and I don’t project those opinions on others. I do it because I want to do it. Period.

However, if you want to jump on my bandwagon and celebrate National Cook for Your Pets Day, let’s do this! So, I have a “girl.” Literally, I have an amazing pet nutrition consultant who is an integral part of the care team for my babes. She’s allowed me to share her amazing recipes with you. C’mon. Join me! Let’s continue this movement of loving our animals and becoming less human!

Go forth, and celebrate! And, Happy National Cook for Your Pets Day!

Cat Food Recipe | Dog Food Recipe


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