About the Pet Loss Center

Coleen & Nick at the Pet Loss Center

Who are we, you might ask.

We are you.

We are pet parents who love their precious furry kids just like you.

We are professionals. We go to work every day hoping to make a difference in someone’s life. For us, we want to take a bad day and bring some peace into it.

We are members of this community. We take pride in being a resident, your neighbor, and one that supports the fabric of our pet community.

We ARE you.

When Nick and I came together with a vision of pet loss and memorialization services, it was truly the beginning of an extended mission of mine. In 2003, when Mico died, I knew she had just guided me into the next journey. A journey of helping pet parents like you with mourning, memorializing and paying tribute to a beloved pet who has rocked our world. A journey of walking with veterinary professionals with educational efforts as they, too, grieved for the clients that they served.

Nick Padlo is the ultimate pet daddy. He and his fur-kids, Porsche and Eleanor, can be seen around town on weekends, frequenting pet events and or just going for a walk on Katy Trail. Every now and then you might see another little friend that’s joined them as the Padlos are very active in fostering and helping pets find their forever homes. While they have a soft spot in their heart for those that are “Puggle-ish,” their heart is full of love for any type of creature. Nick comes from a military background and after achieving his Masters from Stanford, spent some time with Bain & Company, assisting companies nation-wide.

As for me, I am an over-the-top pet Mom. From having a full-time pet nanny to providing my creatures with home-cooked food, living in my house is the proverbial “winning the lottery.” I’ve been in the funeral business since 1987, with focused efforts on pet loss since 2003 when Mico died. It was then that I knew my life’s mission was being written for me as I wanted pet parents to have the same opportunity for rituals, grief support and memorialization options just like we do when we lose a human loved one. I’m proud of my book that came out just a few years ago, Pet Parents: A Journey Through Unconditional Love & Grief. End-of-life care for pets IS my mission as I’m also actively involved with animal hospice and the IAAHPC. However, I’m most proud of my “kids!” Rudy, Harry, Crisco and Ellie. They are truly my heart, the light of my husband, Chris, and my world!

So, we are you. And, we are here to provide a safe place to mourn, memorialize, and honor the life and love you shared with a loved pet. To walk with you and to honor the journey that you shared with your own unique love.


Coleen and Nick