The Pet Loss Center work in the community
The Pet Loss Center Work in the community

As members of the community, it’s an honor to do our philanthropic work of supporting the events and efforts related to animals. After all, our company vision is that all animals will receive dignity in life and in death.

From the incredibly talented work of the K-9 officer dogs and other working dogs to those animals that are searching for their forever homes, The Pet Loss Center will support these organizations in the work that they do. With honor, assisting those working service dogs who have given selflessly in the work they do, as well as financially and physically supporting the rescue and adoption efforts of the various groups within our towns, we graciously and humbly offer our services to these various organizations within our community.

Through The Pet Loss Center, our daily work within our communities is vast and broad with these philanthropic efforts. Things such as:

  • Offering our services free-of-charge for active service animals and service dogs who die in the line of duty or are killed in the line of duty.
  • Assisting our veterinary partners or concerned and caring pet owners with deaths of stray or homeless animals – our Good Samaritan program.
  • Actively participating in rescue and adoption events, as a sponsor and in participating in the local events.
  • Being a resource to local area shelters in need of grief support and caregiver burnout education for the tireless work that they do.

For all of our active civil service neighbors, we offer a courtesy pricing package for your beloved pets. If you are a member of one of these professions:

  • Active police officers
  • Active fire fighters
  • Armed forces members

Let us know. We would like to extend to you as a small token of our appreciation for the work that you do a 25% discount on cremation services.  Please mention this when you talk to one of our team members.

If you are a part of a service dog group or a rescue or adoption organization in our local areas, please reach out to us and let’s talk about enhancing our working relationship. You can reach us at We look forward to hearing from you and to supporting your efforts in making sure that all animals receive dignity and respect in life and in death.

Finally, because of The Pet Loss Center’s vision and mission, we are offering to share in the total cost of final arrangements for those pets who pass in an approved 501C3 rescue organization before finding their forever home. We will share in the care by paying 20% of the total costs, with the loving rescue organization paying for 80% of the total fees.