Join Our Team

You have built a great pet loss company, but what is the next step? How does this business continue to thrive when you retire? At The Pet Loss Center, we can help you understand the option of selling. By selling to The Pet Loss Center, you can be 100% certain that your employees, pet parents, and Veterinary partners will be treated well for the indefinite future. We are a small business like you, with a heart for doing the right thing, each and every day.

Selling can mean very different things. While it can allow you to transition away from the business, it can also allow you to set aside some money and continue management of your location. You will become part of a powerful team with additional financial resources and talent to help take your location to the next level. We believe in being the best in each and every market we enter, and we will help you get there.

Our foundation is built on being honest and straight-forward as a company.  Our calculations are open to you, we encourage you to gain outside counsel, we deliver on our promises, and we will always be truthful in our negotiations. If we can find a deal that is beneficial to both of us, then we will get a deal done. If not, then we will give you any advice we can about your next steps. We are happy to connect you with our previous acquisitions if you would like a reference about the process.