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Robert Merritt

Robert is our Operations Supervisor and has been with The Pet Loss Center for well over a year. He shares his life with his wife, Jett, and their three beautiful daughters. Roberts favorite hobbies include showing off photos of his children and watching sports to re-establish the testosterone in his home. He enjoys being on The Pet Loss Center Team because he feels we have become his second family and is honored to bring closure to the pet parents we assist.

Cassy Valle

If you can catch our Relationship Manager, Cassy Valle, out of her car, consider yourself lucky! She has been a part of The Pet Loss Center team for over a year, and our veterinary partners absolutely love seeing her smile walk through their doors. The diversity Cassy encounters on a daily basis is what drives her, and she loves assisting the clinics with making better use of our services for their families. She shares he life with her loving pup, Boo, and wears his paw print necklace every day. Boo is also part of Cassy’s “Why” and the reason she applied for her current position.

Danny Heath

Danny Heath grew up in Rockledge, Florida, and is an integral part of a variety of aspects of The Pet Loss Center’s tasks, from the beautiful paw prints for families to Field Customer Care roles. Danny is multi-talented in a variety of areas in music as well. He’s an accomplished musician and has played in studio sessions with bassist Chuck Rainey and states “I can play the drums blind-folded, too!” He shares his world with his sons, Nick and Jack, dogs Sam and Dakota, and his cat Coon. When asked what he likes about being a member of The Pet Loss Center family, he said “I work with great people, and I like knowing that we can provide some peace of mind to the pet parents.”

Roy Wilkinson

Roy is one of our amazing Field Care Specialists and he has been with The Pet Loss Center for almost two years. He is originally from Euless, Texas, and shares his life with his two beautiful daughters. Roy reads just about anything and everything in his spare time but says he does not have one creative bone in his body. If you ask him what he likes most about his job he’ll tell you he has always enjoyed driving and he feels fulfilled when he has the opportunity to assist pet parents and our veterinary partners.

Sean McNeill

A Dallas native, Sean McNeill is a true lover of the profession. As a pet dad to cats, Blue and Captain, he understands the bond of loving an animal. Combined with his love of driving, the role as Field Customer Specialist is fitting. While his driving during professional hours and The Pet Loss Center vehicles is stellar, his free time is spent with another type of driving, off-roading, commenting that he likes to take professional racing driving classes when time allows. As for his professional time at The Pet Loss Center, he loves the symmetry to the work and the team.

Tadarius White

Tadarius, or “T” as everyone calls him, has been with The Pet Loss Center for almost a year and is one of our Field Care Specialists.  He shares his life with his wife, three children, and 4 guinea pigs named Sally, Buttercup, Oreo, and Reeces. T is originally from Memphis, Tennessee and moved to Dallas in early 2016. He is a “Gamer Freak” and loves to spend time with his family participating in various activities around town. T is currently in school, furthering his education for HVAc Repair and enjoys being a part of our team  because of the many families and veterinary partners he gets to work with.

Susan Parker

The care and compassion are so evident with The Pet Loss Center’s Quality Control Specialist, Susan Parker. While Susan is one of the newer team members, one would not know it by her extent of knowledge and pride in what she does for the veterinary clinics and pet parents. Every package that goes back to the clinics is truly packaged with love, with Susan’s watchful eye on each detail and her careful, loving touch. She grew up in New Jersey and in her words “I like people but I LOVE animals!”

Karen Clark

Karen Clark has been with The Pet Loss Center for almost a year and is our Cremation Specialist. She has one daughter, two granddaughters, and 2 grandsons who are her world. Karen also has a very special fur baby named Buster and says he wins the Best Dog in The World award every year! She is originally from Romulus, Michigan and has a love for the great outdoors. When she’s not working hard at our center you can find her fishing, walking, horseback riding, or by the ocean. One interesting thing about Karen is she used to work cleanup and restoration in disaster areas around the world so she definitely knows her way around power tools!

Della Bean

Della is one of the newest members of our Pet Loss Center Team and is one of our Customer Care Specialists. She has a strong background in Telecommunications and worked in Customer Service for over twenty years. Della has two daughters, three grandchildren, and two spoiled rotten Siamese cats named Jazzy and Domino. Jazzy and Domino are extra special because one is a polydactyl and the other was born without a tail. They enjoy a very cushy lifestyle of soft beds, kitty kibble, and a screened in porch from which to terrorize lizards, birds, and the neighbor’s dogs. Della was born in Dallas but raised in New Mexico and got back to Texas as soon as she could. Her Favorite hobbies include scrapbooking, collecting antique marbles, and stage combat with swords.

Cassandra Emigh

Cassandra is one of our McKinney Field Care Specialists and has been with The Pet Loss Center for over a year. Her best friend is her pup, Max, and she enjoys dabbling in arts and crafts and dancing like nobody’s watching. Cassandra has a strong passion for all animals and she is a firm believer in rescuing and rehabilitation. Her favorite thing about working at The Pet Loss Center is learning about end-of-life services and helping honor the journey for each and every family.

Mo McAhon

Maureen, or Mo for short, has been a Customer Care Specialist for almost a year at The Pet Loss Center. She was born in Arizona, raised in Texas, and now calls DFW her home. Her human family includes her husband Eric, and her six children Julian, Rebeckah, Issac, Faethe, Corwyn, and Abigayle. She has a handful of fur babies which include three cats, one dog, a ferret, a bearded dragon, and a tarantula. Mo’s favorite hobbies include sewing/beading, thrifting, and acting. One very interesting thing about Mo is she actually works with a world-famous Halloween attraction as a palm reader. Another cool fact about Mo is she has a moderate stutter and was taught to use accents when she couldn’t get through the vocal tic. The one thing she loves most about her job is feeling fulfilled by helping the many pet parents she encounters. She also loves the people she works with and says The Pet Loss Center has an amazing team.

Kano Dukes

Originally from South Carolina, Kano is one of our amazing Field Care Specialist’s and has been with The Pet Loss Center for almost a year. He shares his life with his significant other, Lisa, his daughter Harper, a doggie named Dutchess, and two feisty kitty cats! When Kano isn’t providing excellent customer service at work, you can find him at spending quality time with his family. His ability to adapt easily, execute processes, and big heart make him an asset to The Pet Loss Center team.

Stanley - The Pet Loss Center


While he is one of the quieter team members on the team, not a day goes by that those in the office can’t help but search for Stanley to grab a quick pat on the head and a quick nuzzle on his nose. His job description is broad, yet pretty simple. He eats, and does what cats do, but is always there to offer a quick meow of approval and love, or to let a family give a pat on the back. Simple, yet deep!