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The Pet Loss Center - Austin

The Pet Loss Center is proud to be a part of the Hampton Roads area, serving local loving pet parents and veterinarians in all of their pet loss needs.

Originally Companion Animal Cremation Services, a wonderful foundation of pet death care services began 13 years ago by a caring group of veterinary professionals. The Pet Loss Center is honored to springboard from this strong foundation of services into a more robust level of care and offerings.

Pet parents can look to The Pet Loss Center for all of their final arrangement needs for their beloved pet. From a beautifully appointed pet loss center for a heartfelt and honorable good-bye, to grief support and respectful cremation services, The Pet Loss Center team is privileged to help all loving pet parents in their end-of-life journey.

Veterinarians nation-wide also look at The Pet Loss Center as a true partner and specialist in pet death care. During the life care dedicated pet parents provide for their pets, many pet care professionals become a part of a family’s care team. The Pet Loss Center is that one partner that veterinary professionals look to as the last specialist a family will need, and desire, through their final walk of life.

The Pet Loss Center provides:

  • Respectful and dignified cremation services
  • Grief resources
  • Personalized grief support
  • Memorialization Options
  • Urns and Caskets
  • Trusted Journey tracking system to ensure the safety and security of the cremation process
    Quiet and serene Center, perfect for the final good-bye, or a ritual

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