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Maureen Kane

Maureen Kane has been a staple at the company for over 30 years. Clinics and families alike will talk about the “sweet voice at the end of the phone” with Maureen. Maureen tells her story best in these words “I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey and moved to Florida right after high school and have been here ever since. I worked for a few years in the grocery business before finding my home at Pet Heaven Memorial Park in 1984. I have been married for 24 years and I have 1, daughter, 1 stepdaughter and two beautiful grandchildren. I have five fur babies; 3 dogs, 2 cats and two large aquariums full of fish. My passions are my children, my pet babies reading and the beach. I am so fortunate to be able to be in an occupation where I can help others in their grief as I have known this grief and I know how devastating it can be.” As lucky as she feels to be where she’s at with the team, we are the lucky ones to have such a caring and compassionate member of the leadership team.

Alexis Roman

Very few vet care professionals have not had the pleasure of talking to Alexis Roman. For almost 20 years, Alexis has been on the other end of the phone line, ready to dispatch a team member to assist a clinic. As the Dispatcher and Driver Supervisor, Alexis hails from Staten Island, New York, and his family consists of his twin brothers, mom, dad, niece & nephew. His hobbies include home improvements, cycling, fishing, movies, and going to the beach. An interesting tid-bit on Alexis is his proclamation of being a novice shade tree mechanic. Alexis’ daily mission with his role is “Providing our customers the service they are looking for in their time of need when losing a very important part of their family and reassuring them that their loved one will be treated with great respect and dignity they deserve.”

Yvonne Rodriguez

Doing almost any kind of role needed in the organization, Yvonne Rodriguez is mainly responsible for the Accounts Receivable/Payables. She’s been a part of the team for over 22 years, coming to the Miami area from New York. Besides her two sons, 1 daughter, 3 grandkids, and 2 Jack Russell Terrier’s, she also keeps busy with her church family. When other team members were asked about Yvonne, they said “she has the patience of a saint and a heart of gold.” Not only does Yvonne love working with numbers she also loves animals and being there for those experiencing a loss.

Nadia Barkett

After spending 15 years in the veterinary field, our Relationship Manager Nadia, decided to take a bit of a different journey into end-of-life services. Originally form Toronto, Canada, Nadia shares her life with one human baby, her husband, 3 cats, and two dogs. In her down time she enjoys running, dancing, doing yoga, and eating. If you ask her what she likes most about working at Pet Heaven, she’ll tell you she enjoys reaching out to our veterinary partners and spreading awareness about the death care industry. Nadia also loves when one of the clinics she’s visiting asks to help her draw blood, put in IV catheters, or help hold an animal. As she would say, “It’s the best of both worlds!”

George Ortega

For almost twenty-three years, veterinary clinics across southern Florida have seen the smiling face of Field Customer Representative, George Ortega. A native Miamian, George loves being with a company that is like family and gives him an opportunity to meet new and interesting people every day. He loves spending time with his family, which includes his wife, Hilda, his two children, George Jr. and Justin, as well as his four-legged family members, a Yorkie, Rocko and a mix-breed, Jane. His latest hobby is photographing Rocko and Jane, catching their interesting expressions and antics.

Alexsandro Morales

A Miami native, Alexsandro Morales is proud to admit “I take my job very, very serious” in working with the clinics and families. He’s been a Field Customer Representative for 6 years. Alexsandro’s spare time is spent playing video games and taking his wife and two children out to fun and interesting places. They also share their home with their dog, Cookie and cat, Willow.

Rafael Velez

Rafael is the newest addition to the Customer Care Specialist team at Pet Heaven. He is originally from Brooklyn, NY, and shares his life with his fiancé Stephenie, and their Bichon Frise, Kiki. His favorite hobbies are writing and making music, attending concerts, and art. He has been playing guitar since he was 15 years old and has even recorded music and played at live events. If you take some time to ask Ralph why he chose this career path he’ll say, “I am honored to help people through their most difficult day. Knowing we are there to help families honor the journey of their loved ones is what I enjoy most about being a part of the Pet Heaven team.”


Ileana Sarduy

A native New Yorker, Ileana Hooper, has been with the team for over two years as a Customer Care Specialist. Besides keeping up with her four daughters, Meghan, Kelsey, Lauren & Becky, and her dog, Lady, she loves painting, reading, cooking and writing small poems or songs. Ileana clearly cares for the families that walk through our doors and she’s honored to be there to assist them. “I really enjoy putting people at ease and helping them cope with their loss. Their gratitude makes me feel I came through for them. For me, that’s a job well done! And besides, I love animals!”

Danny Avila

Danny Avila grew up in Cuba and has been with the company for 2.5 years as the Cremation Specialist. Eloquently he describes his role with the team: “In a certain way, somehow, what I do is a way to help people and their pets to find peace and to pass through that very sad time.” The care and the compassion that Danny takes in his role certainly shows. His wife, Yumisleidis, son, Christopher and daughter, Ashley, are a part of his home-life pleasures as well as being a great cook! He also like to work on cars, transforming them into almost new.

Maritza Moreno The pet Loss center staff

Maritza Moreno

Another newcomer to the Pet Heaven team is Martiza Moreno. She is originally from Allapatah, Florida, and has been with the company for the last 3 ½ months. Maritza shares her life with her two daughters, one son, and a Bearded Dragon named Rango. Her favorite hobbies include baseball, traveling, cooking, making people laugh, and spending time with her family. Martiza enjoys working for Pet Heaven because she loves people and animals, and is grateful to be working for a company that brings peace to those who have suffered a loss.