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Call the location closest to you for more information and pricing, or submit a $100 deposit to start the process.

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Every once and awhile, we’re blessed with a truly remarkable pet. Someone that loves us unconditionally, cheers us up during a tough time, and teaches us to be more playful. When we lose such a pet, we feel a void without them. By turning their ashes into a diamond, we help you celebrate them in the most special way possible, and carry them with you always.

Diamonds range between $2,400 and $16,000 depending on the size (.1 to 1.24 carats) as well as color. By putting down a deposit, your local Pet Loss Center will package up a small amount of your pet’s ashes, and arrange for their delivery to Eterneva. This $100 deposit will get deducted from the end price of the diamond.

Available in: Colorless, Red or Pink, Yellow, Green, Black, and Blue.


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.1-.19, .2-.29, .3-.39, .4-.49, .5-.69, .7-.89, .9-.99, .9-1.09, 1-1.24