Burial Shell Casket


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This casket is made of high impact styrene plastic, single walled and can be used for any type of pet. Available in many sizes.*Casket is sealed using a special double sided rubber sealant tape to restrict seepage of water and the intrusion of air.*Casket size depends primarily on the length of your pet companion.  (When measured from nose to base of tail)  Please be aware that lengths given represent the inside measurements of the caskets.  Below are some sizing examples using common breeds:

  • 10” Casket:  Suitable for small birds, hamsters, etc.
  • 24” Casket:  Suitable for small size dogs (Bichon, Shih Tsu, Maltese, etc.) and cats
  • 32” Casket:  Suitable for medium size dogs (Cocker Spaniel, Sheltie, etc.)
  • 40” Casket:  Suitable for large size dogs (Boxer, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, etc.)
  • 52” Casket:  Suitable for very large dogs (Great Dane, Mastiff, St. Bernard, etc.)


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