Daisy Girl,

You’ve left a void in our life that can only be described as a “black hole.” If there’s any consolation it is that you’re not suffering and are undoubtedly chasing bunnies at Rainbow Bridge. A more beautiful creature we’ve not been blessed to know. You lived for heart-to-heart contact every breathing moment of your life that was filled with love and play, and you showered us with more love than we could have fathomed or possibly reciprocated. A more beautiful life force I cannot imagine. You gave our life so much joy and were the light of our hearts.

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  1. pamela j bechtol January 8, 2018 at 3:48 pm - Reply

    Awwww you’ve said it so well, as usual Sheri. We all loved her! She will be missed! I love the thought/vision of her chasing bunnies at Rainbow Bridge. If it’s anything like chasing Taz, she’ll be having a wonderful time and entertaining the rest of the party animals with her. Love you and am looking forward to celebrating her life with you whenever you are ready.

    • Sheri Dykowski January 10, 2018 at 2:56 pm - Reply

      Thank you CurlyGirl! We’re still grieving her loss – it’s unbearably quiet at home. I took so much for granted thinking she’d be with me forever. I miss her following me to the tinkle tavern every single time so she could have a piece of toilet tissue as a snack, the silly girl. I miss her laying on my feet under my desk as I work, and her taking me to the patio door over and over again training me to let her out only so she could come right back in for a treat. I miss our walks. Mostly, I miss her laying on me wherever she pleased, heart to heart – she was a teddy bear with a heartbeat. She was truly one of a kind with an unparalleled spirit and lust for life. I cannot imagine the pool this summer without her. ;-(

      We will be having a ceremony when the weather warms, and I wouldn’t dream of not having all her favorite girlfriends in attendance. Love you!


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