When you rescued me you were an abandoned,barely 4 weeks old pup. Just you and me these last 16 1/2 years. You were so smart. Learned so many tricks and hand signals because you knew you would get your rewards treat. We went everywhere together. You were my guardian when we were out. Only when I gave the “word” would you allow strangers to meet and great us. At home you always welcomed all who entered. You chased those pesky squirrels and caught a couple rabbits. You chased the rumbling thunder too. When I arrived from work , you were always right at the door, tail wagging, then ready for our famous walks. You put up with helping me take care of family’s and friend’s dogs. You were impatient when it came to baths and brushing. But a good walk made all ok. You were healthy as a horse until that vestibular disease (vertigo) at 13. A long 10 days later you were so much better but it changed you. Your life became “ tilted” and you made the best of it. You never let up, never gave up. Even when you stumbled, right back up you went. Even in the end you would not submit, you would not let go. But it was time my friend. I miss you terribly but we will walk again. My life was your routine. Whatever you needed I would do for you. No more pain, stumbles, sleepless nights. No more looking for me. Run free my special pup. l love you so much…..