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Van at the Pet Loss Center

As a trusted pet care professional, you’ve been there for families through every stage of your client’s lives. From working with a pet loss partner to assist you and your families with the most professional and dignified services to being a true resource for you and your staff, The Pet Loss Center is here to assist you as your partner in your pet loss needs.

No one knows better than you that pets are important members of a family. Owners care about them and worry about them. They want to make the best decisions for that faithful family friend. Most pet owners carefully considered the choice for a veterinarian and chose you as their pet’s health care provider. You are their trusted advisor on many issues concerning healthcare.

At the end of a pet’s life, it is not uncommon for you to give advice or make recommendations concerning aftercare. So, just like in the healthy part of their lives, pet owners look to you, their veterinarian, for guidance and advice about what to do when their pet dies.

At The Pet Loss Center, our mission is that every animal receives dignity and respect in life and death and our vision is to provide world-class end-of-life services to pets and those who care for them.

Families turn to you for guidance. Let us be your partner in making sure that you, your families and the pets that you care for are taken care of with the utmost of care and respect.

Our promise to you is that we are committed to bringing you the resources, programs and processes to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the topic of pet loss. We bring to you:

  • Cremation options to fit every family’s needs and circumstances.
  • Trusted Journey, a digitized tracking process to ensure the safety and security of the chain of custody of each pet for the cremation process at every step along the cremation.
  • Beautiful enclosed rolling-stock vehicles, ensuring the dignity, professional and private transportation of pet’s bodies.
  • Free RACE certified continuing education opportunities, in the comfort of your office, discussing every element of pet loss and grief so that your team is more at ease with helping families during this very emotionally charged time. Contact us (link) for more information on the session topics and scheduling a session at your clinic.
  • Free grief resources for your families, brochures, reading materials, and on-line grief support for those families needing that extra care. Contact us to receive these brochures at your clinic.
  • Free online grief resources to use with your families, from links for reading to an online virtual pet loss support forum to join others who are experiencing the loss of a beloved pet. Contact us to receive a flyer to share with your families on our pet loss support forum.
  • A Memorial Center with viewing rooms, giving you the opportunity for those families that need some extra time in saying their good-byes that option
  • Professional courtesy free cremations for your veterinary clinic team, our thank you to the veterinary partners that we work with for the amazing work that they do for their families

We encourage you to visit us

We fully understand that the services provided for pets who have passed on reflects on the quality of your practice and must be second to none. We welcome and encourage any veterinarian or staff member to come tour our facility to learn more about our services. Contact us for more information on our services.

You deserve the best. Your families deserve the best.