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As a pet care professional, many times you are at a loss for resources to help a grieving pet parent; resources that can be tailored to the many facets of a grieving family and their individual journeys through the death of a beloved pet. Families will appreciate these brochures, each answering to a different aspect of a family and their unique needs in understanding the emotions of the loss of their pet. From the initial discussions of how to memorialize their precious pet through the Guide to Planning Ahead to guiding a friend in how to companion a grieving heart, your families will thank you for helping them through a very dark time. Parents will also thank you as you now have an insightful and educational piece in helping them explain death to children.

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Children and Grief
Pet Parent in Grief
Helping a Friend in Grief
Memorialization Options
Understanding Euthanasia
Pets And Grief
Guide To Planning Ahead

For your review, two free brochures are also included in this download. For a sneak preview of the brochures, explore the selection to read a snippet of the helpful information that your families will most certainly need during this time.