Why choose The Pet Loss Center
Our Promise at the Pet Loss Center

Finding the right pet loss organization should come with questions and understanding that the people you select are the right people. The right people to partner with if you are a veterinarian and the most caring team to walk with you if you are a pet parent.  Our belief is that we want to work with people who believe what we believe: that all pets deserve dignity and respect in life and in death.

This is the vision of The Pet Loss Center. For so many of us pet parents, these pets bring us the unconditional love that we all crave and more fully add to the color in our lives. They are truly their own chapters in our book called “Life.”

Why trust us to assist with pet loss care? Here are a variety of reasons:

  • Our team takes pride in our pet loss certification and education. Many of our team members have made the commitment to obtain their Certified Pet Loss Professional credentials as well as sitting for their Cremation Arranger/Operator certification – all extra care in making sure you are getting the best and most professional team in pet loss care.
  • The Pet Loss Center has an open-door policy. As a veterinary professional or a pet parent, we encourage you to drop by for a tour or to just visit at any time.  No appointment needed.
  • The Trusted Journey® Cremation Tracking System ensures the safety and security of the cremation process for every pet. The automated tracking system will allow veterinary professionals immediate and real-time information on the progress of those pets entrusted to our care. For pet parents, it’s the peace of mind in knowing that the pet’s ashes you receive back are those ashes of your pet.
  • Professionals to guide every family and animal clinic on the variety of memorialization and ritual options. For so many, they don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to the options that are available when a pet dies. However, even more than that, our caring team is available to give pet parents the permission they want and need to fully celebrate the life they shared with their beloved pet.
  • We believe what you believe. We are you, a person whose heart has been so full of love for a pet that when they die, that same heart is in a thousand pieces.
    So, while these might be some thoughts for you, the pet parent or the pet care professional, what really matters is what you need and want when it comes to pet loss. Contact us to share your needs, and we will be here to visit with you.